Sota el títol “EU Environmental Policy making and e-commerce” la consultora d’Eunomia Research & Consulting Star Molteno serà la protagonista de la primera sessió de PensamENTs del 2023. Serà el dia 25 de gener a les 12 del migdia.

‘EU Environmental Policy making and e-commerce’: E-commerce sales, particularly those via online platforms, have been steadily growing over the past 10 years as consumption shifts online. Policy making within the EU has struggled to keep pace with such market shifts with rising concern that e-commerce companies (intentionally or otherwise) exploit regulatory gaps to confer economic advantages over traditional sales routes (e.g., avoiding EPR obligations and eco-design requirements for energy use products). In addition, large marketplaces that aggregate many smaller economic actors hold a pivotal role in the supply chain and can wield influence over these supply chains by acting as a gatekeeper to the EU market. As the Commission is currently redrafting several aspects of Environmental legislation the e-commerce sector presents both a challenge and opportunity for policy makers to leverage positive change.


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