L’article “BIOCIRCULARCITIES project: circular bioeconomy in urban contexts”, del qual Rosaria Chifari (ENT) n’és coautora, ha estat acceptat per a ser presentat oralment al proper SUM 2022 – Sixth Symposium on Circular Economy and Urban Mining que se celebrarà a Capri (Itàlia) el proper mes de maig.



The BBI-JU Biocircularcities project proposes to unlock the circular economy potential of unexploited bio-based waste streams by exploring the development of economically and environmentally efficient models for organic waste (food and kitchen waste, garden waste, agricultural waste from agro-based industrial sector, wood waste and forestry residues, etc.) in three pilot areas: Napoli (Italy), Barcelona (Spain) and Pazardzhik (Bulgaria). In particular, the aim of the project is to identify regulatory and business opportunities as well as shortcomings for the introduction of bio-based processes and products into local and international markets. In each investigated territory, the state of the art of organic waste management is analysed to identify unexploited bio-based waste streams and implement new circular economy strategies. Local stakeholders are involved in participatory processes to obtain insights and concretely address the problems that limit the implementation of circular solutions within the identified chains. Boosting circular bioeconomy in pilot territories will raise awareness on sustainability issue in urban contexts and facilitate the replicability of the project’s results on national and European scale.