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The study on the state of waste charges in Spain for 2020 is now available
| | News| 13/10/2020

The Observatory on Waste Taxation, promoted by the ENT Foundation, has published the study of researchers Alex Terrén, Pablo Pellicer, Marc Iriani, Ignasi Puig and Sergio Sastre, entitled “Waste Charges in Spain 2020″ (in Spanish). Waste charges paid by households and commercial activities in 125 municipalities have been analysed, including all the provincial capitals. This study continues previous analyses performed with data from 2015, 2018 and 2019. We have also produced a document analysing the evolution of waste charges during the past 7 years.

Waste charges are used to finance waste collection and management services at a local level. They are regulated through the fiscal ordinances of each municipality so they present a great variability throughout the territory and even between neighboring populations. Traditionally these charges are conceived as flat rates or depend on criteria which are independent from waste generation.

The Observatory on Waste Taxation, promoted by ENT foundation, was created in 2018 to monitor the use of taxation instruments for waste policy in Spain. Their objective is to act as a reference in this aspect and to promote a greater use of waste taxes and charges as tools to improve waste management.

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