The main results of the BIOCIRCULARCITIES (BCC) project were presented at three local final events: on 8 June in Pazardzhik, on 14 June in Barcelona and on 15 June in Naples, with the participation of between 20 and 40 local stakeholders on the spot.

After a presentation of the project vision, the results on the main barriers and opportunities for a circular bioeconomy and the environmental and economic performance (LCA, LCC) of the analysed recovery chains were discussed. During the events, guest speakers and project partners exchanged views at round tables on the respective local case studies on forestry residues in the Province of Pazardzhik (PP), municipal biowaste in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (MAB) and agro-industrial waste in the Metropolitan City of Naples (MCN).

The BIOCIRCULARCITIES consortium consists of 8 partners located in six European countries: Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Estonia, and Bulgaria. In addition to Fundació ENT, the partners are complementary actors representing the public, industrial, research and socioeconomic sectors: two local public authorities (CMNA and AMB), a local non-profit association (REAP), a public research institution (ENEA), a research and technology organization (LIST), an international non-profit organization (ACR +) and an international SME (CE).