Research is an essential part of ENT´s activity and is structured through our Research Plan 2014-2020. On the one hand, we try to apply innovative approaches to most of our projects. Internally we conduct an evaluation of the level of innovation of each of them. On the other hand, we participate in R+D projects. Relevant results from both types of projects are published in prestigious international publications and presented in scientific conferences. You can see some examples in this section.

All the members of ENT do research as part of their activity. Also, the ENT Foundation has fellows. This is a figure designated so that third parties can have a research link with ENT, this was especially designed for active or retired scientists linked to other institutes, professionals from NGOs or other relevant institutions doing research or former members of ENT who wish to continue their cooperation. In these cases an agreement with the commitments attached to the collaboration is signed.

ENT also favours the reception of external researchers both in training and consolidated in the form of research visits (e.g. internships, secondments). We have experience as host institution in programmes such as Marie Curie, Torres Quevedo or Beatriu de Pinós, among others. If you are interested in this option please contact us by clicking here.

Every year we publish an annual report of the results, which you can find in this same section.

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