What do we do?

ENT is a social economic initiative that is formed by 2 organisations.

Both institutions are integrated by a multidisciplinary group of highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to the elaboration, analysis and implementation of public environmental policies.

Our main areas of experience are economics and the environment, political ecology, waste, energy and climate change and marine area.

We work, in most cases, for public administrations, and also for non profit organisations: NGOs, trade unions, universities, etc., but we also carry out projects with for profit initiatives if we share the same values.

We have our headquarters in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) but we work globally, although most of our work is currently in Europe, through the implementation of projects at various levels: local, regional, national and EU-wide.

We try to be innovative in the majority of our projects, and we also participate in a number of research and development projects. We then disseminate the results in peer-reviewed scientific publications and through the participation in conferences.

We are experts on:

economics and the environment
and climate change
marine area

Mission and vision

Our activities are centred on the development of projects with a high component of innovation, with the desire to contribute to social change. All of this is steered by our vision and mission:

Vision An economically sustainable and socially just society.

Mission To contribute to social change through the execution of innovative and/or socially relevant projects in the field of sustainable development and the communications of their results.

You can find more information about how we adhere to these principles through our projects section.


Our management is orientated to client satisfaction and environmentally efficient management, so that ENT – environment and management- has ISO certificates 9001 and 14001.