Political ecology

Political ecology shows how the benefits derived from the use of nature are distributed unevenly in society and how policies can be implemented promoting a fairer distribution. Some of the main present challenges can hardly be overcome solely from technological measures, but rather there is a need to re-politicize society. To support our analysis we use a large variety of methodologies, both quantitative as well as qualitative, coming from different schools of thought, some examples are material and energy flow accounting, institutional analysis, surveys or historiography.

In ENT we adapt this perspective to the different needs of our clients. You can find some examples of our projects in this section. More in-depth analysis is published in the journal Ecología Política, a scientific and activist disclosure project that we offer from Fundació ENT.

In this section you can find some exemplary projects to develop this approach as well as others that complement our main work areas: economics and the environment, waste, energy and climate change, and marine area.