Fundació ENT obtained a grant from the Barcelona Provincial Council within the call for cooperation projects for 2015 to develop a methodological model for construction and demolition waste (CDW) management in Latin America. The project is a continuation of the cooperation initiated with the Bogotá City Council in 2012, through which the Council has been advised on the management of CDW, a plan was drafted and a number of actions have begun to be implemented to improve the management of this kind of waste.

The objective of this project is to replicate the successful pilot experience in Bogotá to other cities in Latin America. The project was led by Fundació ENT and counted with the participation of the Catalan Waste Agency, the company Gestora de Runes de la Construcció, and the City Councils of Les Franqueses del Vallès and Bogotá.


Fundació ENT




Alcaldía de Bogotá

Funded by Diputació de Barcelona