Four-year Horizon Innovation Action led by the Danish Technological Institute. The ENT Foundation coordinates the work package on “Sustainability and impact assessment”.

WOODCIRCLES will develop innovative circular solutions for sustainable wood construction to help reduce Europe’s dependence on non-renewable resources, cut GHG emissions, reduce waste generation, and offer longterm carbon sinks and substitution of fossil-based and carbon-intensive products. Based on identified needs and market potentials, the consortium will develop new value chains for upcycling of wood waste materials and optimized design-for-disassembly building system solutions to significantly increase recycling rates of wood in construction. WOODCIRCLES will integrate digital tools and solutions in all developments and create digital twins for the large-scale, real-life demonstrators. Active involvement of partner cities and their building ecosystems through technical and thematic co-engagement activities will increase deployment. All developed materials, components and system prototypes will be demonstrated, piloted and fully documented – including sustainability assessment – for immediate market uptake.

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