Until 2007, Spain experienced for a few years an exponential development of new urban areas. The article delves into the causes of this development, and specifically on the dependence of local authorities from revenues arising from urban development. This dependence is intensified when the urban model is of low density, due to the higher costs that this urban typology implies for municipal services. The article proposes some modifications on the regulation of Local Treasuries to reverse this situation.


Ignasi Puig




Oxford University Press

bibliographical reference

Puig Ventosa, I. (2009) The unsustainable dependence of Spanish Local Treasuries on taxes and charges related to construction activities, in Cottrell, J., Milne, J.E., Ashiabor, H., Kreiser, L., Deketelaere, K. “Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation. International and Comparative Perspectives”. Vol. VI. Oxford University Press: 661-679.