Since last October, we have been providing technical support to elaborate the strategy and regulations to implement extended producer responsibility in Bolivia, with special emphasis on packaging and packaging waste.

This project is commissioned by the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) within the framework of the Technical Cooperation Program that Catalonia has with the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bolivia (MMAyA) to support the institutional strengthening in relation to waste management.

In November, Maria Mestre (ENT) and a representative of the ARC, travelled to La Paz (Bolivia) to support the elaboration of an extended producer responsibility regulation for pesticide containers.

The technical assistance has continued by supporting the elaboration of a general strategy of extended producer responsibility for PET bottles, polyethylene bags, tires, batteries, batteries and WEEE, the waste streams that the regulatory framework for waste in Bolivia determines which must be managed under the extended responsibility regime of the producer.