LIFE BIOBEST celebrated its second online Steering Committee Meeting with BIOBEST Consortium Partners ACR+, CIC, ZWE, and ECN on July 12. Key topics of discussion included progress towards the project’s diverse tasks and deliverables, upcoming events, KPIs and best practices, and improvements of the new webpage:

Please stay tuned for the LIFE BIOBEST upcoming events in Autum:

  • LIFE BIOBEST webinar: How to best collect bio-waste in high density areas? Online, 27 SEPTEMBER 2023,10:00 – 11:30 (CET/CEST)

  • LIFE BIOBEST Capacity building workshop in Barcelona. 25 OCTOBER 2023. More information in the coming days.

The LIFE BIOBEST – Guiding the mainstreaming of best biowaste recycling practices in Europe project aims to identify and validate the current Best Practices (BP) and management instruments along the bio-waste management chain (from generation to treatment) that allow the production of quality compost and digestate and establish series of reference Key Performing Indicators (KPI), based on the analysis of existing databases and experiences.

The outcomes of LIFE BIOBEST will promote a significant improvement of the collection and treatment systems, and consequently of the quantity and purity of the input material, reducing process losses and favoring the conversion of bio-waste into high-quality compost and digestate.

The LIFE BIOBEST consortium is led by Fundació ENT and composed by Consorzio Italiano CompostatoriACR+European Compost Network and Zero Waste Europe. It is a 2.5-years LIFE Preparatory Project funded by the European Commission