During the last years, there have been different initiatives oriented to contain the environmental pressures in the island of Lanzarote, in spanish’s Canary Islands. Theses pressures are mainly linked to the great increase of tourism. As a part of these initiatives the majority of the population think that is necessary to stop the growth of tourism. This is a very costly policy that requires extra sources of funding, in order to stop ongoing urban development processes. This article sets out a proposal for a tax on tourism for the island, discusses the main alternative options, and estimates their potential revenue.


Ignasi Puig





bibliographical reference

Puig, I., Roca, J. (2004) Proposal for a Tourist Tax in Lanzarote (Spain). Primer encuentro de la Asociación Hispano-Portuguesa de Economía de los Recursos Naturales y Ambientales (AERNA). 18-19 de julio.