On October 25, LIFE BIOBEST celebrated its first capacity building workshop in Barcelona. Among the LIFE BIOBEST consortium partners (ZWE, ECN, ACR+, CIC, and Fundacio ENT) and Rezero, there were more than 45 attendees in person and online at the event titled “Unlocking Efficiency: Strategies for building a high-performing municipal bio-waste system.” Key bio-waste discussion topics included  key performance indicators, best practices, regulatory/policy barriers, and a strategy workshop.

The outcomes of LIFE BIOBEST will promote a significant improvement of the collection and treatment systems, and consequently of the quantity and purity of the input material, reducing process losses and favoring the conversion of bio-waste into high-quality compost and digestate.

The LIFE BIOBEST consortium is led by Fundació ENT and composed by Consorzio Italiano CompostatoriACR+European Compost Network and Zero Waste Europe. It is a 2.5-years LIFE Preparatory Project funded by the European Commission.