Mike Stinavage joins the ENT Foundation to work on the LIFE BIOBEST project on biowaste.

Mike Stinavage (Pittsburgh, 1993) is a researcher specialized in organic waste management, circular economy, and federalism. Experienced in US and EU environmental public programs and outreach. Main interests include waste prevention and revaluation, public communications, and municipal governance. Currently involved in the LIFE BIOBEST project on bio-waste.

The LIFE BIOBEST project will promote a significant improvement in the collection and treatment systems, and consequently of the quantity and purity of the input material, reducing process losses and favouring the conversion of bio-waste into high-quality compost and digestate. The LIFE BIOBEST consortium is led by Fundació ENT and composed of the Consorzio Italiano Compostatori, ACR+, European Compost Network and Zero Waste Europe. It is a 2.5-years LIFE Preparatory Project funded by the European Commission.