On March 13th, 70 stakeholders met in Lyon for the first #LIFEBIOBEST cities workshop to learn from a line-up of European pioneers in biowaste management and treatment. Aiming to assemble a diverse group of participants, workshop attendees included city officials and technicians, waste management professionals and associations, as well as members of civil society and academics, who joined to take part in high-level knowledge exchange, learn from frontrunners, and foster new connections within the European bio-waste management.

Organised by LIFEBIOBEST in collaboration with Zero Waste France, the LIFE BIOBEST Consortium also unveiled the latest project outcomes. These included a sneak peek of our upcoming guidelines on bio-waste collection, treatment, governance and economic incentives, and communication and engagement strategies as well as our recently published policy brief, presented by Mike Stinavage & Gemma Nohales, Project Coordinators at Fundació ENT.

Our new policy brief focuses on the critical issue of regulatory and systemic barriers obstructing efficient #separatecollection and treatment of #organics and is an essential read for anyone committed to advancing #biowaste management in the EU.

On March 14, a visit was organized to the bio-waste collection system being deployed by Lyon City Council and to a small-scale composting plant. In the afternoon, the 5th coordination committee of the LIFE BIOBEST project was held with the participation of all the partners of the project.