On the 29th of December the Bogotá City Council passed Decree 586 that adopts the Efficient and Sustainable Management of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) in Bogotá. This regulation is one of the outputs of the cooperation project carried out between the City Council, ENT Foundation, the Catalan Waste Agency, the company Gestora de Residus de la Construcció and the City Council of Les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona) that aims at improving the management of CDW in Bogotá.

The model adopted by the City Council has the following goals:
– to assure the proper management of CDW
– to foster the reuse of CDW in situ
– to increase the selective collection of CDW in order to foster its recycling
– to promote the restoration of former mining activities
– to minimize the amount of CDW landfilled

The proposal of Bogotá is based on the Catalan experience in the management of CDW and at the same time takes into account the reality of Bogotá, where most of this waste is dumped illegally in ecological structures or on the streets, and where most of the collection of CDW is carried out by traditional recyclers.

The Decree aims at integrating the traditional recyclers and at planning a set of treatment and disposal facilities. The goal is that in a near future all construction works include a waste management plan and all CDW generated are traced. At the same time, public works accept the challenge of using an increasing amount of recycled materials, and a number of old mining activities will be restored with clean CDW.

ENT Foundation is creating a methodology in order to replicate the experience carried out by Bogotá in other cities of Latin America. With this activity, the cooperation started in 2013 will be finished. This cooperation project has been financed by Diputació de Barcelona.