In just a few days, more than 250 organisations from 25 countries signed on. 
In good times, airlines make huge private revenues and profit from the tax privileges of aviation. In times of crisis they want to get public money to save their business. We cannot allow the privatisation of profits, and the generalisation of losses. We, the undersigned, signal our red lines to respective governments: Bailouts must not allow the aviation sector to return to business as usual after Covid-19 has been defeated: any public money has to ensure that workers and the climate are put first.

We demand:

  1. People First
  2. A Just Transition: Towards Climate-Safe Mobility
  3. No Taxes? No Bailouts!

In order to achieve these aims, we will work together in the coming weeks to raise awareness and exert political pressure. These demands, supported by more than 250 organisations worldwide, are the beginning of a journey.

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