In the last 10 years ENT has carried out several projects that involve the design and development of sustainability indicators. Most of them are included as part of our work on areas such as waste management or ecological economics.

We want to emphasize three of them that are characterized by being specific on sustainability indicators, focussed at the local level, and their high degree of innovation and general interest.

In 2005 we did an evaluation of the use of sustainability indicators supported by the Diputació de Barcelona. We focus the analysis on the main barriers to integrate the use of sustainability indicators in the political decision-making, and at which extend, and in which sense, the decisions-makers and civil servants’ perceive the indicators are useful for their job. In order to do so we did more than 30 interviews and focus groups, and we sent questionnaires to all the cities that were using these indicators when the project did take place.

In 2006 we carried out “The integration of sustainability indicators in public policy at the local level” research project. It was funded by the Escola d’Administració Pública de Catalunya. In this project we analyzed under an innovative theoretical approach based on Foucault theories the use of sustainability indicators at the local level.

In 2007, as part of our work on environmental justice, we carried out the project “Methodological study of environmental equity in Barcelona”. This project was commissioned by the City Council of Barcelona. Its main objective was to develop a panel of indicators to analyze the environmental equity problems in Barcelona. It included an analysis of existing data, the design of an equity indicators panel, and some political recommendations.


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