The report aims to provide Local Authorities, particularly in a high-density context, with more information about these systems and to describe the basic steps needed for their implementation. The report contains detailed information on the technologies present in the market, unit cost ranges, the aspects to be taken into account to achieve the objectives of European selective waste collection and recycling, as well as seven cases of study at Catalan, state and international level.

This report was originally prepared in the framework of the “Circular Design. Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainability” European Project (March-June 2018) coordinated by the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) under the supervision of ENT, and later finalised and completed by ENT.


Maria Calaf | Ignasi Puig




ENT environment & management

bibliographical reference

Saleh, D., Salova, M., Bulbena, B., Loderus, T., Calaf, M., Puig, I. (2019) User identification for municipal waste collection in high-density contexts. ENT environment & management.