In 2012, the ENT Foundation carried out a technical assistance project on the management of construction and demolition waste for the City Council of Bogotá (Colombia). The project was funded by the Province of Barcelona, as part of their projects of development cooperation. A consortium led by the ENT Foundation and Integrated by the City Council of Bogotá, the Waste Agency of Catalonia, the company Gestora de Runes de la Construcció, S.A. and the City Council of les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona) was created to develop the project. This project allowed to carry out a diagnosis of construction and demolition waste management in Bogotá (generation, destination, current management costs, etc.), a training in Barcelona for several officials of the municipality of Bogotá about management of construction and demolition waste in Catalonia (regulations, treatment and final disposal facilities, etc.) and a formulation of proposals to build several construction and demolition waste recycling facilities in Bogotá.


Fundació ENT




Alcaldía de Bogotá

Funded by Diputació de Barcelona