On November 30th, ENT led a participatory assessment workshop to assess a set of Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EbA) measures implemented along river Jamor, in the Green and Blue axis (Eixo Verde Azul), located in Oeiras, Lisbon (Portugal).

Local representatives from academia, public sector, citizens, and the coastal city living lab of Oeiras met in Instituto Superior Técnico – Taguspark to prioritise the following EbA: river regularisation, riverbanks maintenance, planting of native species, maintenance of river network, floodplain enlargement with recreational purposes, and permeable pavements. These measures were assessed through a multicriteria analysis, which included flood risk reduction, carbon capture and storage, biodiversity conservation, water and health quality improvement, and the increase of recreational and labour opportunities, as evaluation criteria.

This session was organized in the context of EU H2020 project SCORE (Smart control of the climate resilience of European coastal cities), where similar workshops are being undertaken in all ten Costal City Living Labs of the project located in Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey.

The workshop was organised by ENT with the support of the Oeiras city council, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-ID), Naider and ENoLL.