ENT will be present in the upcoming Blue Eco Forum next October 22th. Lydia Chaparro (Fundació ENT) will facilitate the session “Shaping the blue recipe: Interactive discussion on Sustainable Blue Food policies, practices and strategies”.

This session will focus on drafting a collective diagnosis and gap analysis on key environmental, social and economic issues related to Sustainable Blue Food in the Mediterranean. The following questions will be used as a basis for discussion: What are the key issues to be addressed in the current Mediterranean food system? What are the key actors involved (or not) in the sector and their (positive/negative) role? Which policies, strategies and market instruments are (or could become) effective?

The Blue Eco-Forum aims to reflect on those major regional challenges from a collaborative, creative and participative way. It puts the focus on the Mediterranean Sea as a source of opportunities for common well-being. It imagines new solutions towards a more sustainable and inclusive development of the Mediterranean region.

This event, organized by Mediterranean civil society, offers debates, workshops, exhibitions and meetings -virtual and face-to-face- with the participation of key stakeholders from the Euro-Mediterranean political, economic and social world.