On 27 March, the workshop “Water supply and water stress- roles for Economic Instruments?” was held at Pati Llimona (Barcelona). Organized by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEPO) and ENT Environment and Management.

Held within the framework of the European project “Capacity building, programmatic development and communication in the field of environmental taxation and budgetary reform”, the workshop had about 30 participants from different European countries, all with some issues related to water resource management and with experience in water management and / or economic instruments. All attendees were representatives of state and regional administrations and social and economic entities mainly from Spain, Portugal, France, Malta, Cyprus, Greece and Germany.

During the Workshop, several experiences were presented on the application of economic instruments from different countries and regions, some sessions were organized in a work group format on management of water resources, both in relation to the use of economic instruments and promotion of the participation of the various users of this resource. The attendees were able to contribute their vision on the current models and on the definition of possible future strategies to improve the management of this scarce resource.

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