ENT has conducted viability studies for the introduction of reusable nappies in various contexts and has supported various implementations.

With regards to nappies for children we have studied the possibility of introducing them in nurseries and at a domestic level; with regards to incontinence pads have analysed their possible of use in geriatric residences.

In all these contexts we have analysed various aspects which have allowed for the designing of the material, personnel and logistics needed for the implementations.

All these projects have resulted in an implementation, either in test or pilot phase, and that has been done with the support of ENT.

Aspects which have been identified as very relevant at the time of designing the system are, amongst others, the model of reusable nappy (based on the characteristics of use), the logistics of washing, the cost and the acceptance of users.

Moreover, ENT has also participated in projects on the management of disposable nappies and on the introduction and possible management of compostable nappies.


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