Given the increasing use of refused derived fuels (RDF) in Spain, Greenpeace Spain commissioned a report, in 2012, to ENT to analyse the economic and environmental costs of this technology, which aims to transform certain types of waste into fuel to incinerate or co-incinerate in substitution of conventional fuels. The report examines current technologies of production of RDF, characteristics and current uses of RDF. It also analyses the legislation applicable to the production and consumption of RDF, at European, Spanish and regional levels, making a survey of the future prospects for RDF in Spain and Europe. The report also includes an economic analysis of the cost savings that represents the replacement of traditional fuels by RDF and the cost of this product. The study also contains an estimate of the external costs associated with the consumption of RDF. Finally, it includes an environmental analysis of the CO2 and other pollutants emissions associated with the consumption of RDF compared to other fuels, and the consequences of the use of RDF in terms of energy independence and on waste management.


Fundació ENT