Titled “The way towards decentralised biowaste management”, the Final Conference will take place on 20 October and will round up the previous 5 years of work the project partners invested in it and share the key achievements and conclusions with a wider audience. Due to existing uncertainties regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Conference will take place online.

This Conference will go back to the very beginnings of the project, its underlying principles and objectives that were set back in 2016 and gradually cover all the different stages of the project and finish with the results obtained by deploying the DECISIVE solution in practice. Nonetheless, this Final Conference wouldn’t be complete without looking ahead and assessing the deployed technology’s potential for replication and multiplication in different circumstances and settings. In order to do so, all project partners who contributed to the project with their knowledge and skills will be featured in order to be able to match the expectations of various target groups that are expected to register for the Conference – universities and research institutes, local and regional authorities, industry and private companies, waste management experts and more.

The Conference will use a story telling method coupled with panel discussions among experts in order to appropriately convey the most important messages the project has to share at its final stage. A brand new video shot at the project’s demonstration site in Lyon will also have its premiere during the Final Conference! The Conference will be split in three parts, with the speakers to be announced soon. The Conference will start at 9h00 CET on 20 October and will last until 14h00 CET.

The role of ENT in this conference will be allowing local authorities to understand how the DST (decision support tool) can support them in assessing the performance of their current biowaste management systems and comparing with alternative scenarios.