The Spearfishing Association of Barcelona (APS) recently celebrated its 70th anniversary and decided to write a manifesto called: “The Barcelona Agreement: A Manifesto Towards the Spearfishing of the Future”. The Manifesto was discussed and approved during a round table at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona on 27 February 2016, in which delegates of several stakeholders took part. The Agreement is a revision of the most important points that the authors consider to be fundamental for a sustainable development of spearfishing in the future. The authors expect that this manifesto will be a starting point for a constructive discussion to increase knowledge, efficient practice and effective management of spearfishing.


Lydia Chaparro




Scientia Marina

bibliographical reference

Sbragaglia V.,  Sagué O., Gordoa A., Pérez S., Chaparro L., Pulido A., Terol R., Giroud V. (2016) The Barcelona agreement: a manifesto towards the spearfishing of the future. Scientia Marina, 80(3): 423-426.