In order to reduce waste from disposable nappies, Donostia (San Sebastián) City Council, with funding from the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, began in November 2011 a project to promote reusable cloth nappies, called “Bebés de Donostia, cero residuos” (Donostia Babies, zero waste), for which 40 families enjoyed a partial support for the purchase of reusable cloth nappies and their accessories. With a grant of 80% of the cost, the kit consisted of 20 two pieces nappies, 6 extra absorbent or reinforcements and a pack of cellulose sheets. In parallel, the project also included technical support and monitoring of participating families.

With the exclusive use of cloth nappies, each family can save about 2,000 nappies per year, which means around 420€ annual savings and a waste reduction of around 410kg per child.


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Donosti City Council