On February 27-29, the OptFor-EU consortium met in Bucarest (Romania) to deliberate on strategies and progress within the project. The consortium, comprised of esteemed experts and stakeholders from various disciplines, gathered to discuss key milestones and chart the course for the project’s trajectory.

With a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in forest management practices, the OptFor-EU consortium delved into multifaceted discussions aimed at addressing pressing climate change challenges and identifying opportunities for moving forward towards user-centred forest management solutions.

The meeting featured a comprehensive agenda designed to cover a spectrum of pertinent topics. Consortium members conducted a thorough review of the progress made thus far, assessing achievements, challenges encountered, and milestones reached. Updates on ongoing research and development initiatives were presented, showcasing the consortium’s dedication to pioneering solutions that prioritize sustainability and stakeholder forest management solutions. A forward-looking discussion ensued, as consortium members collectively outlined a roadmap for future endeavours, identifying strategic priorities and setting ambitious yet attainable goals to propel the OptFor-EU project forward.

For more information about the OptFor-EU project and its initiatives, please visit OptFor-EU Project Website.