ENT has been awarded a technical assistance service from the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) for the development of a study on the review of public spending on urban waste management in Spain. This project is part of the third phase of the spending review process by Public Administrations (“Spending review”) commissioned by the Council of Ministers to AIReF (AIReF | Spending Review Phase III). The purpose of the technical assistance service is to obtain and process information that allows for an analysis of public spending on waste management, with the aim of analysing how to improve the current results of waste management in Spain through public policy instruments .

The study, which includes all the phases of the waste management cycle (prevention, reuse, collection and treatment), is structured in three blocks: one for the evaluation of current management at national, regional and local levels; a second one for the identification of good national and international practices; and a last one for the formulation of proposals that allow improving the results of the current management. At the same time, within each of the blocks four axes will be analysed: Regulatory and strategic framework; Governance, actors and forms of management; Public policy instruments; and Integrated system of indicators and cost estimation.

The project began this July, and it has an expected duration of 12 months.