When an energy efficiency improvement occurs at the household level, several mechanisms, grouped under the name of the rebound effect, increase the available income and consumption, increasing the total energy consumption of the economic structure. The present research analyses the links between energy efficiency improvements in households, consumption, and the economic structure in an input-output framework. We examine, from an empirical perspective, the relationship between energy efficiency improvements and the economic structure, and between the direct and the indirect rebound effect. The limits of the input-output methodology in assessing the direct and indirect rebound effect have been empirically tested with respect to efficiency improvements of electricity uses in households in Catalonia.


Jaume Freire | Ignasi Puig




Ecological Economics

bibliographical reference

Freire-González, J., Font-Vivanco D., Puig-Ventosa, I. (2016) Economic structure and energy savings from energy efficiency in households. Ecological Economics, 131: 12-20.