This project, developed in 2014, consisted of providing technical advice to the Association of Municipalities of Valle Alto for the planning of municipal waste management in the coming years, with emphasis on acquiring practical knowledge of composting. Valle Alto is located in the department of Cochabamba (Bolivia) and comprises 14 municipalities.

The project was carried out through a consortium led by the ENT Foundation and formed by the Association of Municipalities of Valle Alto, the engineering company TGA, SL, the Association of Municipalities La Plana (Barcelona) and the Waste Agency of Catalonia. The project was funded by the Province of Barcelona under a call to provide technical assistance in the field of development cooperation.

In particular, actions taken were the following: preparation of a waste management plan, training on waste management, exchange of experiences with Association of Municipalities La Plana, expert advice by TGA in relation to introduction of low-cost technologies for composting, composting pilot project, workshops for the preparation of the plan and composting workshops for civil society.


Fundació ENT



Funded by Diputació de Barcelona