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Paper published on measures to prevent waste from unsolicited mail
| News| 10/07/2015

The final version of the paper written by Marta Jofra, Jaume Freire and Ignasi Puig (ENT) on the effectiveness of anti-advertising stickers as a measure to prevent waste of unsolicited mail is finally available. The article was accepted in May 2014 by the Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management and this July has finally been published. The complete reference is:

Puig-Ventosa, I., Jofra-Sora, M., Freire-González, J. (2015) “Prevention of Waste from Unsolicited Mail in Households: Measuring the Effect of Anti-advertising Stickers in Barcelona”. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management. Vol. 17(3): 496-503.

Link to the published article
Link to the manuscript in our web site