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Support a Sustainable Baltic Plan
| News| 16/09/2015

Next week, the European Parliament, Commission and Council negotiators expect to restart negotiations on the Multi-Annual Plan (MAP) for the Baltic Sea. Although this management plan seems far away from Spanish waters, it is of great importance for the future of fishing in Europe, as it will be the first management plan set in the framework of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Multi-annual plans for EU fisheries, such as the Baltic Plan currently under discussion, are intended to minimize decision-making based on short-term interests and maximize the likelihood of sustainable fishing. In 2013, the EU agreed to an ambitious CFP which includes a binding commitment to end overfishing, a policy requirement that should give to a healthier marine environment, profitable fisheries, and viable coastal communities.

Yet, the first proposed multiannual plan includes ranges of fishing limits that disregard the reformed CFP objectives, effectively giving ministers the leeway to continue to legislate overfishing. On the contrary, the European Parliament’s position is that MAPs must be in line with CFP objectives, which include restoring and maintaining populations of fish stocks above levels capable of producing Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY), without making any exceptions.

This policy will succeed only if those responsible for implementing it meet its objectives. Therefore, if the final negotiate Baltic plan is not fully in line with the CFP, this would jeopardize the implementation of the CFP and would mean that there is a lack of commitment from decision makers to end overfishing.

As a part of the Ending Overfishing Campaign in Northwestern Europe, ENT will continue working to ensure that the Baltic MAP meets the objectives of the CFP, and that fishing rates stay below the FMSY limit point, as stipulated in the CFP.

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