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Sergio Sastre (ENT) will be our guest at the next April “mENTjada”
| | News| 30/03/2021

Sergio Sastre (ENT) will be the guest of the online mENTjada (meeting) that ENT will hold on April 28 (from 12 to 1 noon). The title will be “Resource extraction, trade and waste management: a regional approach to the Spanish socioeconomic metabolism“.

The session will focus on material flows (extraction, trade and waste flows) at subnational level in Spain as studied in Sergio’s thesis. The session will address 3 main points:

  • The results of Economy-Wide Material Flow accounts for Spain (1996-2010) at subnational level (i.e. Autonomous Communities).
  • The role of trade as an environmental burden shifting mechanism at subnational level, both between the Autonomous Communities of Spain and between them and the rest of the world.
  • Municipal waste management at subnational level and performance of the Autonomous Communities regarding the EU’s recycling policies and targets.

Some issues to be discussed are: how the housing bubble shaped regional material flows in Spain? Which Autonomous Communities are net importers/net exporters of each type of resource? How are municipal solid waste flows being managed across Autonomous Communities?

Further debate might include: Should environmental burden shifting between Autonomous Communities somehow be considered by/corrected through the Spanish fiscal system? Does regional heterogeneity call for a different governance of resources, trade and waste in Spain?