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Environmental innovation that serves society

In the area of waste management, ENT adopts a preventative focus, centred on generating less waste and achieving better management. Our main focus has been municipal waste, but we have some experience on construction and demolition waste, industrial waste and mineral oils.

Most of our projects are commissioned by Public Administrations, from very practical projects for Local Authorities to very specific consulting reports for the European Commission, OECD or on the framework for European projects, including projects for regional and national authorities (strategies, programmes, design of specific policy instruments, etc.). We also collaborate with universities or research centres and with environmental NGOs, amongst others.

Within the area of waste management, we highlight our experience in economic aspects (costs and economic implications of waste policies) and in the design and evaluation of economic and fiscal policies (waste charges , pay-as-you-throw schemes ,  taxes on landfilling and incineration, deposit-refund schemes, fee-rebate systems, etc.).

We have also produced various waste management plans for local authorities. In particular, we have a lot of experience in the design and implementation of separate door to door collection schemes .

Another priority area of work is waste prevention, where we have produced numerous waste prevention plans for local entities and projects consisting in implementing specific measures. Specific waste flows in which we have paid particular attention is nappies and packaging. Another area in which we have specialized are projects to prevent food waste.

An important part of our work is the framework of research projects, which later derive in a good number of technical and scientific publications.

DECISIVE: DECentralIzed management Scheme for Innovative Valorization of urban biowastE
| Projects

From September 2016 to August 2020 Fundació ENT participates in a new research project called “Decisive”: DECentralIzed management Scheme for Innovative Valorization of urban biowastE…

Technical assistance for improving municipal waste management in Valle Alto (Bolivia)
| Projects

This project, developed in 2014, consisted of providing technical advice to the Association of Municipalities of Valle Alto for the planning of municipal waste management in the coming…

Projects for the prevention of food waste
| Projects

In recent years ENT has participated in the development of different projects related to the prevention of food waste, always from a multidisciplinary approach.
We have also participated in…

Study on the feasibility of the implementation of a deposit-refund scheme (DRS) for single-use beverage containers in Catalonia
| Projects

This report was commissioned by the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) and carried out by a consortium led by ENT Environment and Management and integrated by Eunomia Research & Consulting…

Waste charges studies
| | Projects

Waste charges can contribute not only to covering the costs associated with waste management, but also to creating an incentive to reduce and separate waste at source. A good design also…

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