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Final weeks for the publication of the new issue of the journal Ecología Política dedicated to art and political ecology
| News| 18/04/2019

At the end of June, a new issue of the journal Ecologia Política will be published. The journal is co-published by ENT Foundation and Icaria Editorial. The number (57) in this occasion will be dedicated to the relationship between art and political ecology.

This number will explore forms of artistic expression in different geographic and cultural contexts. With this number it is intended to dive into the world of art, analyzing this concept from the point of view of political ecology. In this way, throughout different articles we will see how art acts as a tool of cohesion by promoting social mobilization, as a catalyst for ecological transformation and as an instrument for creating new narratives and capturing new imaginaries of a planet ecologically fairer

At the beginning of June we will publish the index with all the articles you can find.

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