In this section you will find the main publications carried out by members of ENT. As far as possible, publications in open access journals are prioritized, so that the full content is available. If not, please send an email to asking for more information.

The Concept of Generalised Extended Producer Responsibility (GEPR)
| | Ignasi Puig Ventosa

The notion of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has been part of the waste policy for a long time, particularly within the OECD countries. According to the OECD, EPR “aims to make…

Does Water Efficiency Reduce Water Consumption? The Economy-Wide Water Rebound Effect
| Jaume Freire González

Governments stimulate efficiency measures to save water resources, particularly in areas with high water stress and those that experience droughts. However, economic theory and some…

The economy of nature
| Ignasi Puig Ventosa| Jofre Rodrigo Aribau

The article starts by highlighting how the existing economic framework intrinsically collides with nature conservation goals, due to massive presence of environmental externalities, and…

User identification for municipal waste collection in high-density contexts
| Research| Ignasi Puig Ventosa| Maria Calaf Forn

The report aims to provide Local Authorities, particularly in a high-density context, with more information about these systems and to describe the basic steps needed for their…

Carbon Taxes and the Double Dividend Hypothesis in a Recursive-Dynamic CGE model for Spain
| Research| Jaume Freire González

A carbon tax is potentially a policy that can reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate climate risks, at lowest economy-wide costs. We develop a dynamic CGE model for Spain to assess the economic…

Environmental life cycle cost assessment: Recycling of hard plastic waste collected at Danish recycling centres
| Research| Verònica Martinez

Recycling of plastic waste is promoted by the European Union as an important step toward a circular economy. Recovered plastic waste is a complex and heterogeneous material, and the…

Reformulating taxes for an energy transition
| Research| Ignasi Puig Ventosa| Jaume Freire González

An energy transition toward clean energy sources would reduce environmental impacts. One proposal to trigger this energy transition uses economic instruments, particularly environmental…

A Review of Waste Management Decision Support Tools and Their Ability to Assess Circular Biowaste Management Systems
| Research| Verònica Martinez

The circular economy concept offers a number of solutions to increasing amounts of biowaste and resource scarcity by valorising biowaste. However, it is necessary to consistently address…

Promoting Waste Degrowth and Environmental Justice at a Local Level: The Case of Unit-Pricing Schemes in Spain
| | Research| Ignasi Puig Ventosa| Maria Calaf Forn

This paper investigates the introduction of unit-pricing (UP) schemes in waste management with regard to grassroots initiatives promoting bottom-up participatory processes in local…

The expansion of intensive marine aquaculture in Turkey: The next‐to‐last commodity frontier?
| | Irmak Ertör| Miquel Ortega Cerdà

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food‐producing sectors, and its share in global seafood production is rising significantly compared with capture fisheries. This transforms…

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