In this section you will find the main publications carried out by members of ENT. As far as possible, publications in open access journals are prioritized, so that the full content is available. If not, please send an email to asking for more information.

Environmental rebound effect of energy efficiency improvements in Colombian households
| | Jaume Freire González

Colombia aims to diversify and decarbonize its energy sector by encouraging the use of non-conventional renewable resources. Policies and/or measures to achieve this will presumably help…

“The sea is our life” Woman in the fishery sector of the Valencian Community

Traditionally the role of women in fishing has gone largely unnoticed, but now in recent years there has been a growing interest about them. However, the task of identifying and quantifying…

Pandemics and the environmental rebound effect: reflections from COVID-19
| Jaume Freire González

The irruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns on sustainability issues. The pandemic has accelerated the implementation of technologies such as ICT and shifts in mobility…

Municipal Waste Taxation
| | Ignasi Puig Ventosa

Local authorities are key players in the management of municipal waste. The regulatory framework and the prevailing economic incentives – in particular, landfill and waste incineration…

Assessing the Permanence of Land-Use Change Induced by Payments for Environmental Services: Evidence From Nicaragua
| Research| Jaume Freire González

Gains achieved by conservation interventions such as Payments for Environmental Services (PES) may be lost upon termination of the program, a problem known as permanence. However, there…

The Spanish Mediterranean fishing sector and its market reaction to the ongoing coronavirus crisis
| Research| Miquel Ortega Cerdà

This report is an in-depth urgent analysis about the evolution of the fishing sector at the spanish mediterranean coast in a daily changing environment. Thus, the data used here is…

Divers perceptions and implications for sustainable tourism management in the Ceará State Coast, Brazil
| Luís Campos Rodrigues

The analysis of the perceptions of divers can be a useful tool for developing sustainable tourism. Despite its importance, there is still little understanding of the role of perceptions of…

A waste lexicon to negotiate extended producer responsibility in free trade agreements
| Rosaria Chifari

Developing economies largely rely on imported consumer goods from the manufacturing industries of industrialized economies through free-trade agreements.
After consumption, goods end-up in…

Robust information for effective municipal solid waste policies: Identifying behaviour of waste generation across spatial levels of organization
| Rosaria Chifari

Existing studies have studied influencing factors of MSW generation behaviour at different spatial levels of organization, but always one at a time and not simultaneously. Income is a…

Taxes on Air Pollution in Spain
| Ignasi Puig Ventosa| Luís Campos Rodrigues| Rosaria Chifari

The emission of air pollutants has detrimental effects on the environment and on human health. Taxes on air pollution are currently applied by seven Autonomous Communities in Spain. This…

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