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Two new people join Fundació ENT
| News| 24/04/2019

This April two new people have joined Fundació ENT. In the first place, Miquel Ortega Cerdà (one of the four founders of ENT) rejoins the project after 4 years. He will focus on a project linked to the Medreact organization.

In the second place, María Prieto Castillo replaces Marien González Hidalgo at the secretariat of the journal Ecología Política. Maria Prieto is an interdisciplinary oceanographer specialized in sustainable management of fisheries resources. She has also focused on scientific dissemination and environmental education, with a special focus on the conservation of biodiversity and adaptation to climate change. Marien González Hidalgo, environmentalist and researcher specialized in studies of political ecology with a feminist and psychosocial perspective in contexts of environmental conflicts, becomes an ENT Fellow.