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Lydia Chaparro’s new article on fisheries policy in The Parliament Magazine
| News| 21/10/2015

“Making the Common Fisheries Policy a reality means ending overfishing”, article from Lydia Chaparro (ENT-MedReAct) in  The Parliament Magazine Issue 421.

ENT has written an article highlighting the binding commitment of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) to end overfishing in a special issue of The Parliament Magazine dedicated to fisheries policy, in which some of the leading members of the Committee on Fisheries of the European Parliament, like Alain Cadec, Linnéa Engström, Gabriel Mato and Renata Briano have participated. This is a first step for restoring fish stocks, achieving a healthy marine environment, profitable fisheries, and viable coastal communities.

The article also states the importance of putting multi-annual plans (MAPs) in place for different regions and fisheries in the EU, for the purpose of moving beyond the short-term decision-making for each year’s fishing limits, and achieving sustainable fishing for the long-term. As well as the need to establish fishing opportunities not exceeding scientific recommendations.

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