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New article of Jaume Freire in Energy Policy on energy efficiency in European households
| | News| 23/12/2016

Energy Policy journal publishes in its number 102 (March 2017) a new article by Dr. Jaume Freire (ENT) on energy efficiency and the rebound effect on European households entitled “Evidence of direct and indirect rebound effect in household in EU-27 countries”.

This research estimates the direct and indirect rebound effect of energy efficiency in households for the EU-27 countries (the first twenty-seven Member States of the European Union). A hybrid methodology that combines econometric estimates, environmental extended input-output analysis and re-spending models has been developed. Although most of the economies present values below 100%, there are seven countries situated above this critical threshold. By weighing individual estimates by GDP, an average value for the overall EU-27 economy has been found between 73.62% and 81.16%. These results suggest that the energy policy at the European level should be rethought if efficiency measures pursue reducing energy consumption and tackling climate change.

The article can be downloaded for free until the 10 February.

Link to the article