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Lydia Chaparro meets European officials to discuss the number of populations at sustainable levels in the European Union
| News| 02/05/2018

Last week, Lydia Chaparro from ENT Foundation meet in Brussels with the European officials in charge of the annual European Commission communication on EU fish stocks in line with the Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY).

This meeting was requested to discuss some of the inconsistencies and concerns that have arisen from the report published in February by ENT Foundation. In this report, the ENT Foundation analyzes in detail the communications of the European Commission between 2015 and 2018 and highlights some concerns regarding the methodology used by the Commission. In short, and as a consequence of the errors detected, the European Union could have overestimated the number of fish stocks “in line with the MSY”, that is, at sustainable levels.

The meeting held to discuss these issues was positive, as the officials confirmed that the European Commission is planning to improve its methodology and establish new rules to increase transparency. Likewise, during the meeting, aspects related to the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy could be addressed, and in particular the need to progressively progress towards the end of overfishing as required by law.