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Luís Campos (ENT) has participated in a new study about the impact of sea warming and acidification on scuba diving at Medes Islands (Spain)
| | News| 08/09/2015

Ocean acidification and sea warming could harm unique Mediterranean habitats and species which are associated with important recreational ecosystem services. Luís Campos Rodrigues (ENT; ICTA/UAB) is the leading author of a study developed in the context of the European Union Project MedSeA ( The study aimed at estimating recreational costs associated with a potential degradation of gorgonians communities and the higher abundance of stinging jellyfish at scuba diving areas. For that purpose, a Choice Experiment was developed for scuba divers at the Marine Protected Area of Medes Islands (Catalonia; NW Mediterranean). Estimates of welfare values include a cost of €60/dive for a scenario involving a local extinction of gorgonians, followed by a cost of €26/dive associated with a potential abundance of stinging jellyfish species.

Rodrigues L.C., van Den Bergh J.C.J.M., Loureir M.L., Nunes P.A.L.D., Rossi S. (2016) “The Cost of Mediterranean Sea Warming and Acidification: A Choice Experiment Among Scuba Divers at Medes Islands, Spain”. Environmental and Resource Economics. 2016, Volume 63, Issue 2, pp 289-311

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