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Irmak Ertor collaborates with a seminar on political ecology at the University of Cyprus
| | News| 13/02/2018

On wednesday 14th of February (14:30 – 16:00 h.) Dr. Irmak Ertör (Postdoctoral researcher, ENT - Autonomous University of Barcelona) will present the conference “Political ecology and global environmental justice movement: The case of fisher communities”. The conference is part of a seminar in the Cyprus University (Political Science Department) in collaboration with the network “Cost Action on Ocean Governance”.

This postgraduate seminar aims at introducing political ecology as a critical social science field and the environmental justice theoretical framework useful to scrutinize socio-environmental conflicts. Dr. Irmak Ertör will first present how the political ecology approach brings together the principles of political economy and ecology unveiling power relations in society-environment interactions, and more specifically, regarding access to and control over natural resources. Secondly, she will explain the environmental justice theoretical framework based on her ongoing research on socio-environmental conflicts related to small-scale fisheries.

Using the methodology of the Environmental Justice Atlas and based on data gathered in her fieldwork and participant observation, her research focuses on the case of fisher communities throughout the world and the struggle of the World Forum of Fisher People for environmental justice. The questions of how and why the global fisher folk movement demands environmental justice and their link with broader concepts like privatization of the seas and ocean and resource grabbing will be discussed.