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Ignasi Puig (ENT) will attend the Conference on how to tackle air pollution in Spain
| News| 23/04/2018

Ecologistas en Acción, a Spanish environmental NGO working in collaboration with GBE on diesel, will organise a conference on 9 May at the Spanish Parliament in Madrid to discuss how to tackle air pollution through fiscal measures.

The agenda includes a presentation on the report Better without diesel, a briefing produced by Ecologistas en Accion that studies data on environmental taxes in Spain and compares Spanish taxation in vehicles to other EU countries. The report includes concrete proposals on how to develop environmental taxes on fuel, circulation and car registration.

Speakers include Elena Boldo from the National Center of epidemiology of Instituto de Salud Carlos III, who will analyze the impacts of diesel on human health. She will be followed by a presentation by GBE board member Ignasi Puig Ventosa from Fundación ENT, who will explain how taxes can play a role in air pollution mitigation. He and Carlos Calvo Ambel from Transport & Environment will introduce the current situation of diesel in Europe. Edge Christian Jørgensen from the Danish Ecological Council will discuss Danish experiences in the field.

The conference will end with a parliamentary discussion on the topic with representatives from all political parties.