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Greening local taxes in Barcelona to foster energy efficiency
| | Publications| 11/03/2002

A primary objective of this study was to find the correspondence between the income raised by the City Council of Barcelona from charges and other levies for different activities and the CO2 emissions associated with these activities. Households and commercial activities generated 73.4% of all revenues; vehicles and parking generated 23.2% and waste 3.4%. Conversely, CO2 emissions related to these sectors are 36.4%, 31.6% and 32.0%, respectively. The study proposes several modifications on the main local levies (property tax, tax on commercial activities, vehicle registration taxa and waste charge) that could help reduce the associated emissions.

Advances in Energy Studies
Bibliographical reference
Puig, I., Roca, J., Tello, E., Esquerrà, J. (2002). Greening local taxes in Barcelona to foster energy efficiency. Proceedings to the 3rd Biennial International Workshop Advances in Energy Studies. Reconsidering the importance of Energy, in Ulgiati, S. (Ed.), p. 535-539. Porto Venere, Italy.
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