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The ENTITLE conference “Undisciplined Environments” concludes in Stockholm
| News| 29/03/2016

The international conference “Undisciplined Environments” from the European project ENTITLE (European Network of Political Ecology) concluded on Thursday 24 March in Stockholm (Sweden). As part of the ENTITLE project, Gabriel Weber, Ignasi Puig, Irmak Ertör and Santiago Gorostiza from ENT participated in the final conference of the project.

The conference focused on three main themes: decolonial political ecology, post-capitalist ecologies and discussion on common goods. Conferences, seminars, film screenings, debates and roundtables brought together more than 500 activists and scholars of political ecology with the aim of creating a network and going beyond the boundaries between academic disciplines. The various frameworks offered by the conference also benefited the spreading of  the Journal  “Ecología Política”  published by ENT Foundation and Icaria Editorial, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Santiago Gorostiza (ENT fellow) has played a role as a member of the scientific committee of the conference, and has adopted the role of moderator in the roundtables entitled “Rethinking Environmental Conflicts” and “Political Ecologies of Tourism”. In the session entitled “Political Ecologies and Struggles of Capital” he presented with others the lecture “Beyond ‘Socially Constructed’ Disasters: Re-politicizing the Debate on Large Dams through a Political Ecology of Risk”.

Gabriel Weber (ENT fellow) has participated in various roundtables, including “Rethinking Environmental Conflicts”, where he presented his paper “The political ecology of socio-environmental conflicts in Germany (1990-2014)”. He was also the moderator of the table entitled “Political Ecology and the Role of Technology: Teaching Ideas to Political Ecology Engineers” and “Criticisms of Neoliberal Environments”. In the table entitled “Political Ecologies of Renewables IV – Challenges and tensions in Scenarios of Energy Transition” he presented his paper “The Green Economy and Environmental Conflicts Zeitgeist – the Political Ecology of Germany’s Energy Transition”.

Irmak Ertör (ENT) was one of the organizers of the round table entitled “The land is not enough” and the enclosure of maritime space: Political Ecology of Fisheries and Aquaculture. ” In the same table she presented her paper “Growing in the mist: Unveiling the European aquaculture Discourses.”

Meanwhile, Ignasi Puig (ENT) chaired a roundtable debate on “Agriculture Futures” and participated in the last meeting of the Supervisory Board of the project.


ENTITLE project is an EU-funded Initial Training Network under the Marie Curie actions of FP7, coordinated by ICTA at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and with the collaboration of 11 researchers and NGO partners (including ENT).

ENTITLE project (2012-2015) has trained 17 researchers in the emerging field of political ecology, training them with theoretical, analytical and complementary skills . Research and training was framed around five key subjects concerned with the analysis of: environmental conflicts; environmental movements; natural disasters; changes in production and environmental justice and democracy.