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Final stage of the EWAS project
| News| 30/01/2017

The EWAS project is at its final stage. The project started in July 2014 and its objective was to demonstrate the potential of communication and information technologies for optimising waste collection. ENT is partner of the project, which is lead by Wellness Telecom. The consortium is also participated by the public waste management companies Lipasam (Sevilla) and Dedisa (Chania, Creta), by Emasesa (Spain) and by DWaste (Greece).

The project has been co-financed by the LIFE + program. One of the main activities of the project has been the installation of circa 600 volumetric sensors in waste containers in order to optimise waste collection. This has been done using a waste collection methodology that takes into account the filling level of the containers in order to design waste collection routes. This work has been monitored through performance indicators and has been accompained by the creation of a social platform that allows interaction between waste managers and citizens. Citizens can access to real-time information on the performance of the methodology and can report incidences. Waste collectors can also see the information in detail and interact with citizens.

The results and conclusions of the project will be presented in a public workshop that will take place in Seville on the 20th of February. The event will take place at EMASESA’s premises (C/ Escuelas Pías 1) and will start at 11:15. All the partners of the project will participate in the workshop and will present the work done and the conclusions of the project.