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The social platform of EWAS project has been launched
| News| 22/11/2016

On november a social platform to foster the interaction between waste managers and waste collection users was launched. The platform aims at raising awareness on the importance of recycling, and at increasing the interaction between waste managers, waste authorities and citizens. The platform is available in three languages (Spanish, English and Greek), and contains information on the pilot cities where EWAS methodology has been implanted (Chania, Greece and Seville , Spain). Functions for all kinds of users are available (project indicators, information on where to dispose each type of waste, etc), as well as specific functionalities for registered users (e.g. incidence reporting).

This platform is part of the LIFE EWAS project, co-financed by the European Comission, which aims at demonstrating the potential of information and communication technologies for optimising waste management. The project is lead by the company Wellness Telecom S.L. (Seville), and is participated by ENT as well as by the public waste management companies LIPASAM (Seville) and DEDISA (Chania), and the company DWASTE (Athens).

Link to the platform